St. Dominic Church Young Families Events

Many thanks to everyone for attending our Young Family events in September and October. As we close out 2022, please be sure to mark your calendars for the following gatherings beginning with Donut Sunday, this Sunday!

Halloween Candy collection

Got leftover candy? Please consider donating your hard candy, suckers, or jolly ranchers to the children in El Salvador. Bring this candy to all Masses on November 5th and 6th. Fr. Tom will take this candy with him on his upcoming trip to El Salvador to share with the children of Chiltiupan. Hard candy only! Please no chocolate or anything that can melt in our suitcases or in the Salvadoran heat!

December 4: St. Dominic School Open House

We love St. Dominic School! If you've ever thought about a catholic education or are curious about this amazing school, please be sure to check out the Open House on December 4th from 12-2:00.

If this date doesn't work, there is another Open House planned for January 29th from 12-2:00. Private showings are always available too. Please reach out to the school at 216-561-4400 or check out for more info.

This really is such a special place. Just ask any family that attends SDS!

December 4: Little Folks Shop & Salvadoran Market

Come do a little bit of Christmas shopping on December's Donut Sunday! The Little Folks Shop allows children to shop for everyone on their Christmas list with the aid of an elf helper. Presents are wrapped at check out and before exiting the Shop.

The Little Folks Shop is in need of new or gently used items in good condition that anyone would enjoy receiving as a gift. Items should be around $10 in value or less, and the shop historically has been low on inventory for boys and men of all ages.. As you do your fall cleaning, please keep the Little Folks Shop in mind. To make a donation, please contact Gerri Gleason, / 216-291-0909 or Gail Rinderknecht, / 216-402-0377 and donate by November 18th.

Additionally, volunteers are needed for this event. If you have an interest in helping or possibly taking over the Little Folks Shop in the future, please reach out to Gail and Gerri.

Proceeds from this event go to our mission in El Salvador.

December 4: Donut Sunday

Enjoy donuts again with the Young Families after 9 am mass on this busy Sunday.

Christmas Concerts

12/10 & 12/11 Parish Christmas Concerts

12/15 School Band Concert

12/19 K-4 Christmas Concert