Technology in Each Career Cluster



You can send money back and forth across the globe easily today due to technology ,but do to all this technology hackers have a major advantage

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

The Use of Robots in Warehouses, Loading, Unloading, and Delivery Will Increase in 2016

Have you missed anything about the sale of robots for logistics purposes recently? A few years ago, Kiva robots seem to be rolling out everywhere. Then, Amazon purchased Kiva, and they vanished. In today’s reality, Amazon uses these robots exclusively for internal production.

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Technology has played a big role in developing the agricultural industry. Today it is possible to grow crops in a desert by use of agricultural biotechnology. With this technology, plants have been engineered to survive in drought conditions. Through genetic engineering scientists have managed to introduce traits into existing genes with a goal of making crops resistant to droughts and pests.

Government and Public Administration

The boom of social media has allowed these Internet-based tools to become essential parts of how government organizations engage with constituents. In making an effort to reach out to the public and get feedback on important issues, it’s crucial to utilize every tool available. Social media has become part of these kinds of strategies.

Human services

· Cell phone

· Computer

· Tablet

Information technology

• Computers

Law, public safety and security

• Computer

• The VizuCop LE920 Body-Worn Camera

• Intellibeam Scout Light

• Backscatter

Health and Science

• Computer

• Cell phone

• Portable ultrasound with sliding keyboard cover

• Infection detecting technologies.

Arts, A/V Tech, Communications

Projectors- Show everyone whats on their screen

Camera- Capture the moment

Photoshop- Enhance photos

Education and Training

Use of computers in class allow teachers to show videos, students to do research, learning, and homework


3D printing to create prototypes

Machinery to make products

Softwares to keep track of products being produced


Computer software to reach out to online customers and place adds on websites and mobile apps

Business, Management, and Administration

Large and small businesses are on a level playing field on the Internet. You can have a Web presence, take orders, buy merchandise, sell excess or even operate some businesses entirely online. A marketing tool that uses information technology is the Quick Response or QR Code that looks like a bar code but is square. A scan advertises your website address and includes any text you choose. You can use your business management skills to direct employees or contractors to do your Internet marketing, or you can choose to learn a new set of skills in information technology.

Hospitality and Tourism

  • computer
  • mobile
  • internet

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

  • computer
  • Microsoft
  • calculator
  • microscope

Architecture and Construction

  • computer
  • drafting machine
  • computer aided design
  • conventional drafting table