Why do dogs act the way they do

By Madison hayes


Dogs have a uneque and special way of communicating with other dogs and humans. For my genius hour i was recherching how you can figure out what your dog is trying to tell you or how and what they do to tell you.
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Learned a lot about this concept by researching and observing my own dogs behavior. Canine behaviors or miss behaviors are born out of instinct, most miss behaviors are caused from either boredom or stress. Aggressive behavior like chasing and barking is usually a instincts of protecting and barking is usually a instincts of protecting their territory and pack. Digging and chewing, on the other hand are usually results of boredom. Barking is a little of both boredom and protecting of their territory. Jumping up and licking are simply examples of dogs attempting to make a connection or she just tell you that
It is important to adress these behaviors especially when they are behaviors that you don't want in the environment.when you adress these behaviors you have to adress them as the pack leader.