STARS Classroom News

March 14th - March 18th

What Happened Last Week...

We continued our pet theme and continued to learn about cats and dogs and other pets. We continued to read our anchor book Cookie's Week. We workied on the days of the week. I asked wh- and yes/no questions about our book.

What Will Happen This Week...

We will continue our pet theme this week and focus on pet rabbits. Mrs. Haas will be bringing in her pet rabbit. Our anchor book this week will be The Runaway Bunny. We will find the bunny that's hiding on every other page. I will ask wh- and yes/no questions about the book.

Matt and Molly

Our Matt and Molly this week is Catch that Rabbit. Matt and Molly have a rabbit that gets away and they have to catch him again. Matt and Molly catch the rabbit using a carrot to get him back in the box. We will answer wh- and yes/no questions about the story. We will also sequence the story and put it in order of first, second, third, and fourth.

Table Time...

Monday - Small Groups: Pet/Not a Pet and Pet Bingo

Tuesday - Bunny Ears headband; Egg in Vinegar experiment

Thursday - MOTOR GROUP- Our occupational and physical therapist will be implementing theme-oriented fine and gross motor activities during this time.

Friday - Flippy Egg and Finish Egg in Vinegar experiment


March 21-28-No School! Spring Break!

*March 29-Kindergarten Registration 5:00-6:30

*April 20 and April 21-No School: Parent teacher conferences (a sign up sheet will be in your child's backpack soon :) Book Fair will also be there during these times

*April 22-No School!!

*April 21 and April 28-Read from the Start

Notes from the Health Room

Great Beginnings as well as the entire Lees Summit community have seen an increase in cases of pink eye. Symptoms of pink eye are redness, itching, pain and drainage from the eye(s). Pink eye is spread by touching secretions from the eyes, nose, mouth or surfaces that have come into contact with these secretions. The best ways to prevent pink eye are to use good hand washing, cover with a tissue or elbow when sneezing, avoid touching the eyes and face, and do not share anything that touches the eyes including towels and washcloths. If your child has pink eye symptoms, please take him or her to your healthcare provider and stay home from school until he/she has been treated for 24 hours and there is no more drainage from the eye. If symptoms include sensitivity to light and continual weeping from the eye, please see your eye care specialist. For any questions, please call your school nurse Alicia Stremick, RN at 816-986-2462.

Below is the link to the Great Beginnings website. Please refer to the calendar for the updated events.


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