My name is Maham. My birthday is on November 17 2002. I was born in Pakistan i came to Canada when i was 5 years old. My favorite color is mint green it is very light and pretty.

My family

In my family i have 2 brothers and my mom and dad. My brothers names are hamza he is in grade 9 and Abdullah he is in kindergarten. My brothers are very annoying i want a sister so badly but i have 2 brothers.I still love my family

Hobbies and fovorite food

Some of my hobbies are art. I am not very good at it but my brother is. I also really like to cook and i am very good at it. My favorite food is pizza i also love chocolate cupcakes and cake.


My favorite animal is a bunny they are just so cute and fluffy. I also like cats parrots. Cats sometimes scratch and it hurts allot. parrots say what you say my cousin has one and what ever you say i says the same thing.