By Arlene Sanchez & Sara Garcia

About Russia

Russia's capital is Moscow because at night it has beautiful lights . The Major languages of Russia are Bilingual . Tartar , Ukrainian , Chuvash , Bashir , Mordvin , Chechen . Also the location of Russia is in Europe in Northern Asia side . The population of Russia is about 143,782,338 and also the average age and life expectancy is 62 years to 58 .

The Major bodies of water in Russia

All the major bodies of water in Russia are Arctic Ocean , Baltic Sea , Barents Sea , Bering Sea , Bering Strait , Black Sea , Caspian Sea , Lake Baikal , Lena River , Ob river , Sea of Japan , Sea of Okhotsk , Volga River , and Yenisey River .

Russia average temperature

Moscow the capital of Russia had experience in summer 23c in day time 8c through 13c in night time.In winter Moscow had experience -9c,-11c,and -3c.

Russia culture's.

One of Russia's clothing is that they wear a hat and a dress all the time they call their dresses "Duniasha" , They call there hats "kokoshnik pearly " The men wears "linen tolstovka shirt ". One of the most famous food in Russia is grechka in Russia they say grechka is one of the most amazing crop and delicious food it has one of the rich taste also it has a crunch in it .Russia top 3 holidays are Victory Day,Russia Day,and New Years.One of the most major sport in Russia is Rugby league.Also one ofRussia family traditions is Nesting dolls is a wooden dolls "with a secret".One of Russia major ethnic group is Russian.One of Russia religions is Christianization of Kievan Rus'. Russia type of goverment is federation.
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Interesting facts about Russia?

There are two unusual law number one president Barack Obama is banned from entering Chechnya.And number two it is illegal to drive a dirty car in the city of Chelyabinsk. There are 10 native animals in Russia there are siberian cane,amur leopard,kamchatka brown bear,steller's sea eagle,siberian tiger,orlov trotter,baikal seal,spoon-billed sandpiper,black-capped marmot, and snow of russia mode transportation is airports.

Where can you find out more informmation about Russia?, ,www.nationsencyclopedia,,,,,en,,,,,and