Mrs. Beagley's Newsletter

October 17-October 21

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Upcoming Events

No School- October 17

Book Fair- October 18-21

Fall Harvest Festival- October 21 (6:00-8:00)

Parent Teacher Conferences- October 24-27

Book Order Due- October 24

Peek at Our Week


Guided Reading Groups


Sight Word Assessment


Writer's Workshop

  • Writing Conferences
  • Using Word Patterns
  • Parts of Sentence

Spelling Assessment


Guided Math Groups

  • Part, Part, Whole (continued)
  • Problem Solving with Number Sentences


We will be starting a new PBL Unit, it will be centered around scientific inquiry. We will be teaching students about the scientific method and completing simple experiments. We have several exciting candy labs planned for the students. They will present their projects to our Kindergarten friends in our pod.

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Book Fair

Our Book Fair is scheduled for next week. Our class will be shopping at the fair on Friday, October 21 during their library time. If you are interested in letting your student shop at the fair, please send money in a sealed envelope. If you would label that envelope with your student's name, the amount they can spend on books, and the amount they can spend on knick knacks. This will help students make wise choices at the fair and save tears.
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Fall Harvest Festival

The Fall Harvest Festival will be next Friday. It will be a great family night out! Mrs. Longwell and I will be working at the festival. We would love to see some familiar faces! :)