1890s Highlights

By Kevin

Benjamin Harrison Bio

Born in North Bend, Ohio

Republican Party

Over 0.5 million in a railroad scandal

Served as a brigadier general in the Civil War

Ponds Cream

Pond's Cream is a brand of beauty and health care products that is produced by the Ponds Institute which is owned by the multinational company Unilever. It gets rid of dry skin, zits, and other stuff.

The Blind Sneak Peek

Also known as The Sightless, is a play by Maurice Maeterlinck. We don't know much, but the story is about 12 blind people and a priest. The plot line takes place at an asylum and outdoors. Here is the cast.

The Priest: James O. Barnhill (Professor Emeritus)

The Blind People:

Lucian Cohen ‘09,

Jessie Hopkins ‘08,

Hollis Mickey ‘10,

J.D. Nasaw ’08.5,

Michael Obremski ‘07,

Kristen SaBerre ‘07,

Anika Schwarzwald ‘07,

Charly Simpson ‘08,

Michelle Ilutsik Snyder ’09.5,

Kathryn Wallem ‘07,

Nicholas White ‘10,

Alice Winslow ‘08

Dog Ensemble

Rachel Cronin ‘08,

Sharon Lee ‘09,

Daria Marinelli ‘10,

Nina Mozes ‘08,

Ida Mae Specker ‘09,

Michelle Tan ‘10