loving dogs but so misunderstood

Pitbulls are misunderstood dogs.

People thanck they are aggressive and mean.

''I had a hard time agreeing to get a pit because of their background,''said Matthew.

He recalled looking into Princess eyes and knowing she was the dog. They instantly became

bffs. but sumething was missing. Matthew went to work and princess stayed home. Matthew knew princes was lonely when he left. He decided to get her a play pall.

''princess,''called Matthew''I have a surprise.''

princess came running but stopped at bare.They played for hoers on end. They're was no stoping them and she wold never be lonely.

Pitbull Ancestry

Pitbulls ancestors were fighting dogs in the third sentry of bc. They were called Mollossians. They were type of fighting dog Mollossians usually fought liens,bars and bulls.The fighting was part of a sport called bating. They were vary muscular dogs. In the 1800 immigrants brought Pit bulls to the USA. They became a known breed to the USA. They also became a trusted family member.

A Misunderstud Breed