Adult Faith Formation

Agenda for Thursday, June 6 at 7:30 PM


Below are the 32 AFF Events we offered this year.

16 General Events

  • Religious Book Fair
  • Lighthouse CD Kickoff
  • Frank Runyeon: Afraid
  • Advent Day of Recollection
  • Family Retreat on the Eucharist (Offered 3x)
  • Blessing of Married Couples (Offered 2x; to be offered in Oct)
  • Communications Skills
  • Soup Supper: Scripture: Fr. Tierney
  • No Greater Love Play
  • Blessing of Expectant Parents
  • Mary Festival
  • Vacation Bible Camp

6 Know Your Faith Series

  • Taking the Next Step to Paradise: Fr. Raaser
  • Common Myths & Misconceptions about Divorce, Marriage and Annulments?
  • Where Am I in My Faith Journey? Sr. Cora
  • Voting You Conscience Ed Mechmann
  • How Do I Know What God Wants Me to Do Sr. Cora
  • Loss: The Mystery Dr. Beverly Musgrave

6 Scripture Series

  • Blood: Fr. Raaser
  • Word of God: Sr. Cora
  • Discipleship: Fr. Collins
  • Sin: Tom Eikamp
  • Water: Fr. Clarke
  • Oil: Fr. Antony

4 Church Series

  • What is the Church? Fr. Raaser
  • What is the Church? Fr. Clarke
  • Why is Mary Mother of the Church? Fr. Smith
  • How do We Know God Loves us? Sr. Cora

Identify the AFF Events which addressed Most of the Tasks of Catechesis.

Here are the Six Tasks of Catechesis.

  • Knowledge of Jesus and the Faith through Scripture, Creed and Tradition
  • Liturgical Education with a focus on the Mass and the Sacraments
  • Prayer and the Spiritual Life
  • Moral Formation with a focus on the Beatitudes
  • Education for Community Life
  • Outreach and Evangelization