The Reformation

Taylor H.

what was the change

The Reformation is a change in the Roman Catholic Church. The reformation started in the 1500's because some people didn't agree with the Roman Catholic church on certain religious issues or the fact that they had so much power and money. Another reason for the change is because the church officials were selling indulgences to the members of the church. In 1545 the Catholic church started the Counter-Reformation. The reason there was a counter-reformation is because they wanted to get back the people who left the Catholic church.

what people associated with the change

how did the change impact society at the time

The impact that the reformation had on society during that time was thas people started to not trust the catholic church and protestants started to form. Protestants are basicly any Christian church that is not Catholic.

how is the change evidenced in today's modern society

The change is evidenced in today's modern society by having churches other than catholic like, Baptis and Methodist