Is it vandalism?

What is Graffiti?

Graffiti is mostly know to be another way of vandalism but to be isn't. Graffiti is a way to tell others of something they have the right to tell or to inspire others.


Graffiti is said to express feelings they have in life instead of keeping it in or using violence. Sometimes it can describe the persons emotions or feelings by the way or what they draw like maybe a quote or picture. Many people don't understand graffiti but I don't always understand Vango's paintings, what's the difference? People need their own time to think through words or writing and if you took that away from them what would there be express your imagination?


The writer is the controller of his words, the can be mad, sad, disapproved, happy, worried, reminded, and many more that could be thought of. Every painter feels different from the others but not by much, writers usually have something on their mind that could harm, or protect them from others and maybe themselves. Writers were brought in this world to seek imagination within us and yet not all have found their imagination yet, but soon they will and they might be able to understand the true writers of today and the past.


All drawings have a design because our own body has patterns that tells us when to do something. Just like if you have the urge to crave food, those who understand how to want or do something you want can decipher what the designs mean. the designs add more to find more deeper thoughts that no one thought existed. It craves the drawing into more than one question. Designs are like cousins of normal signs that tell you to think more about what road your going on, and hopefully it's right.
Graffiti On Paper