Valentine's Day

Celebration Information

February 14th at 1:30

Is when we will be having our classroom Valentine's Day Party. Each student is responsible for making their very own Valentine's Day card box. They may decorate this box, in any way, and bring it to class starting Monday, February 13. Classroom Valentine's will be passed out (if you bring for one, you bring for all) and we will play a few fun, spirited games.


Treats are allowed during our school party. Hooray! However, many classmates do have nut allergies. In order to keep our classmates safe, please only send in treats that are tree nut, peanut and walnut free.

Classroom List

We have 25 students in our classroom. 14 Girls and 11 Boys.

Jack, Jonas, Lola, Kunal, Mingyan, Caroline, Lance, Grace, Ibe, Samantha, Brady, Weili, Erin, Viet, Olivia, Mya, Natalie, Sanna, Elliott, Arin, Lauren, Jey, Kristy, Sawyer, Neev