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Mrs. Deneumostier's November 2013 Newsletter

I love Thanksgiving!

The first 9-weeks have passed and we are just a few weeks away from this anticipated holiday.

Learning new traditions and embracing the culture is part of the second language acquisition process. However, it is more than holidays and customs. Check these articles to further understand how culture affects language learning:



I first learned about Thanksgiving when in college here in the States. Years later, I found myself living in the U.S. again, but this time with my family. We adopted and added the tradition to others we brought with us, and have been gratefully celebrating Thanksgiving for the past ten years. Though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I think that we not only need to be thankful around this time of the year, but on a daily basis.

These past weeks, I have been in several classrooms, spoken with some of you, attended several parent-teacher conferences, and been in some team meetings. I can't thank you enough for opening your doors to me and for giving me the chance to learn from you.

I am truly thankful for all my blessings, which include having this job and working with you! Hope you all have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

SIOP Tidbits

November Focus

Component 3: Comprehensible Input

This SIOP component is about making conscious efforts to make a lesson understandable through a variety of means. It includes three features, which are 10-12 from the model:

10. Appropriate Speech - speak clearly to accommodate students’ proficiency level

11. Clear Explanation of Academic Tasks - spoken and written; step-by-step instructions; model/demonstrate; samples

12. Use of variety of ESL Techniques, such as expression and body language, slower rate (thinking time), pauses between phrases, sentence strips, repeated exposure to vocabulary and concepts, restate for understanding, hands-on materials, visuals and/or realia, demos, graphic organizers, multimedia resources, previewing of material, among others.


Adapted from Making Content Comprehensible for English Language Learners, The SIOP Model by Jana Echevarria, Mary Ellen Vogt and Deborah J. Short.

Component 3: Comprehensible Input
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Technology Integration

Look for more technology-related educational tools for your -and your students'- needs here:


Use this Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) to learn how you can enhance learning in your classroom


21st Century Education

Parent Engagement