What are constellations? ( By: Paige.K )

What are constellations?

Constellations is a group of stars that is visible at night. Constellations are group of stars that form a figure or a shape. Rome names the constellations using the Greek Language. They got the ideas of naming the stars after animals or old Greek story. If you look out at a clear sky you can see the constellations, if you look at the sky throughout the night the constellations position might change. Why? The reason is the earth's rotation is what causing the constellations to change it's position or standing point to a different place in the sky. You can see different constellations through out different times of the year. So all in all, Constellations are a group of stars that is only visible at night.

Why are constellations important?

In the science category, Astronomy is the oldest science there is. The reason behind that is because even the Cavemen looked up at the sky and wondered how it ran. Constellations are religious. People believe that the stars got created by heaven or god. Many people and cultures believe the positions of the star is the way god showed and told stories to them. Other ways constellations were used for agriculture. Before calenders they had no proper way tell the the month and the dates. So in that meaning they wouldn't know when to harvest the goods. How they knew when to collect the goods is by looking at the constellation Orion in a specific place in the sky. Orion was fully visible when it was almost winter, or winter was coming soon. Constellations also helped with navigations before they had a GPS, Maps or any electronics. It's easy to spot Polaris (The North Star) once you've found Ursa Minor (Little Dipper constellation). You can figure out the altitude just by looking at the high polaris in the sky. This made traveling over sea easier. This led to the discovery of America, helping the spread of european culture and civilizations of America.

How many constellations are there?

There are 88 constellations. There might be more constellations in the sky but so far, scientists only found 88 (official) constellations that was properly named and announced. There could be others but it isn't officially named, or announced as a official constellation.

5 Interesting Facts About Constellations

These are some interesting facts about Constellations.

1). Constellations are patterns in the sky.

2). There are 88 Official constellations.

3). Knowledge of constellations came from early cultures.

4). Constellations rotate in clock-wise rotation.

5). Each month more constellations appears in the Eastern sky.

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