Cerebral Palsy

By: Daniel Kwak 1/6/16 Digital Literacy Period 7

Tackling into Cerebral Palsy

One day I sat in my sister's room keeping watch on her so she wouldn't bite or rip anything apart. She is a person with spastic cerebral palsy and basically have a 1 year old's mind but more violent. So I thought how can I make a presentation that raises awareness to people about cerebral palsy.

How Cerebral Palsy can Affect Daily Lives

Cerebral palsy can affect a person's daily life by causing them to have trouble with talking. And a lot of people know that speaking is very important for daily lives. And some people with other types of cerebral palsy cant walk without help. Walking is one of the most simplest things to do for a person without cerebral palsy. Eating, writing, and other movements are very important for a lot of people, yet people with cerebral palsy cant do a lot of these things without help. People with cerebral palsy sure have a lot of trouble with easy things other people can do.

Facts about Cerebral Palsy

There are three types of cerebral palsy spastic, athetold, and ataxic. Spastic CP (Cerebral Palsy) is when people cannot be able to relax their muscles which makes their muscles stiff. Athetold CP is when a person can not be able to control their muscles which means they cant do things like grab things and walk. And finally but not least us ataxic CP. Ataxic CP causes people to have trouble with their balance and coordination which basically means that they can barely stand up and have to crawl everywhere just like a zero through three year old would. These types of CP are some of the types of CP but more can be discovered and each case of cerebral palsy is unique to each individual.
Managing cerebral palsy
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