A Extremely Loud Search

Extreamly Loud and Incredibly Close; Search for Meaning

The Magnifying Glass with a Globe

My theme is search for meaning, and to search for the meaning to life one must search the whole world experience everything Earth has to offer. In the book I read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Oscar the main character was trying to find the meaning to life after his father died and he searched and traveled everywhere he could. Oscar looked around all of the city he was living in. He searched every inch, not even that but he planed every move he made.

Oscar Getting Fustrated

Oscar was getting frustrated because he was failing and not finding out what was the meaning to the key. In life the search for why things happen or what gives life meaning can be frustrating because there is no real defiant answer.

Hand Print

The hand print represents how your hand print is unique to you and your meaning is your own. Oscar knows that he is odd and he loves it. He accepts that he is different and he goes out in search for the meaning behind his handprint.

"Gave a bruise"(37).

Oscar is out in search for the meaning behind his father and life without his father. He gives himself a bruise every time he does something wrong. He does this to punish himself or because he is sad about something. When his is searching he runs in to many problems in his life and he gives himself a bruise for it. This same quote occurs many times throughout the book.

"It was what I had spent forty years looking for. What I wanted my life and life story to be"(232).

Oscars Grandma said this. They were at the funeral of Oscars dad. Oscar began to scream, at this moment Grandma had a revelation and everything that had not made sense everything that did not have meaning was put in to prospective. Grandma had found her meaning. Later she got a letter saying sorry, she then found out that she was lonely and she missed her ex-husband. "I don't know if I've ever loved your grandfather. But I've loved not being alone"(309), she admits then going after him. She was again searching for her meaning but now with her ex-husband.

"We would have been safe"(326).

These are the last 5 words of the book and they really sum everything that Oscar has been after. He comes to peace with his fathers death, and he has found meaning to life without his father. He has a picture of am man falling from the building that his father was in when it fell on him and he switched the order so instead of the man falling down it falls up. Oscar does not believe that it his father but he never says that is isn't. Oscar finds his meaning.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Official Trailer [HD]

Extremely Close & Incredibly Loud - Movie Trailor

The move for the book is very close in relation to the book with a few changes that our made. Also some things are left out.

Other Questions Response:

In the beginning of the novel Extremely Close & Incredibly Loud, Oscar had his father and he had a meaning to what was going on in his life and what most things meant. In the middle he was struggling to cope with out his father while he was searching for the meaning behind this key that he found in a vase that was his fathers. At the end of the novel he had found meaning to the key. He was in search though out the book for the meaning behind the key and it not only gave him closer to what the key meaned but also closer to his fathers death. The time period and events in this book played a huge factor in the book with out the events in the book there would be no story. The book starts off with 9/11 occurring and Oscars father dyeing in the buildings that fell. The fire-bombing on Dresden, Germany gave critical in site in to Oscars Grandparents lives.