PB Return to School FAQs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Health and Safety FAQ:

  • Will all staff working with my student be vaccinated? As Gov. Brown announced, she directed the Oregon Health Authority to require vaccinations of all public and private K-12 school staff and volunteers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by October 18. This announcement will not delay our return to school for in-person instruction this fall.

  • Is there any way my sixth-grade student, who is over 12 years old, can get vaccinated? Yes. Multnomah County Health Department is hosting Back-to-School Immunization events in August to help with getting children up to date with required vaccines before school starts in September. Youth ages 12 and older and their families can also get the COVID-19 vaccine—Call 503-988-5558 to make an appointment. Find more information at multco.us/school/school-immunizations

  • What if a student/staff shows symptoms during School? - There is a CARE Room where the student will go immediately, and the school will call you. See the PB Care Room Protocol.

  • How do I use the CSD Daily Screening Checklist? - Parents/guardians of PB students must self-screen daily for symptoms of illness before entering district property or using district transportation. If a student has any symptoms on the CSD Daily Screening Checklist (English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Somali, Russian, Vietnamese) or COVID-19 exposure, the student should stay home. Please report the absence and symptoms to the PB office at (503) 762-3204.

  • What about PPE and Masks? - Students should bring their masks and other PPE. Masks are required on buses and at school at all times. However, bus drivers will have masks, and if students do not arrive at school with PPE, masks will be provided; hand washing will be encouraged; hand sanitizer is available around the building. Please note that some medical conditions or experience a disability precludes them from wearing a mask at school. See 2021-22 Letter Re: Mask Wearing.

Food FAQ:

  • Will students have free breakfast and lunch this year? Yes, we are excited to announce that this school year, until June 2022, we will be offering free breakfast and lunch for ALL students. There is no need to qualify for this service as it will benefit all students across Oregon. However, we ask that parents of our returning students fill out the free and reduced lunch application. This will help determine how many families could use additional resources and sup for meals and for community support scholarships, athletics, internet fees, SAT and college entrance admission waivers, and more. Apply here: https://bit.ly/3z1tSBo.

  • How will students get breakfast and lunch? - Students will be eating their lunch in the Cafeteria during the school day. Students will be required to wash/sanitize their hands before and after eating lunch. They will be sitting in assigned seats at least six feet apart to promote social distancing while eating. We have increased our lunchroom helpers this year to support students and help to assure that everyone is following the lunchroom procedures to promote safety. Grab and Go breakfasts will be delivered to the classroom and given to students to place in their backpacks to take home. Students should eat breakfast before coming to school the next day. See PB School Expectation Video Fall 2021.

  • Will there be snacks?- Yes, starting in October, we will be restarting our PB Health Snack program for students. During Snack/movement time, each class will go outside or under the covered play area to eat their snack following at least six feet of social distance while eating outside. Your student’s teacher will communicate the process your student’s classroom will follow to promote safety in October. See PB School Expectation Video Fall 2021

Arrival and Dismissal FAQ:

  • When is the First Day of School for 1-6th Grade? The first day of the 2020-2021 School year for 1st to 6th-grade students is September 8th. Remember, the first day of school is Wednesday, so the warning bell is at 9:45 AM, and classes start at 9:50 AM.

  • When is the First Day of School for K Grade? K Staggered Start (9/8 and 9/9). Our Staggered Start for Kindergarten is Wednesday, September 8th, and Thursday, September 9th. Kindergarten students with the last name A-L are invited to come on Wednesday, September 9th at 9:50 AM, and Kindergarten students with the last name M-Z are invited to come on Thursday, September 9th at 8:50 AM. There will be a brief meeting for Kindergarten families on each staggered start day right after you drop off your kindergarten student outside to promote safety. On Friday, September 10th, there are no classes for Kindergarteners, but Kindergarten families will be notified of their Kindergarten student’s class placements around 6 PM. The first day of school for Kindergarten is Monday, September 13th @ 8:50 AM. See the Kindergarten Welcome Letter-Staggered Start for more information.

  • How does student arrival work? - At 8:35 AM, students arriving on buses or walking may enter the school. Then at 8:40 AM, Students being dropped off by car may enter the school. Students being dropped off should stay in the vehicle until invited into the building at 8:40 AM by the assigned staff member in an orange vest to assure social distancing for everyone’s safety. Please remember cars are not allowed in the bus loop. Also, keep in mind that visitors are not permitted in the building during student In-Person Learning. So, parents can not enter the building to walk your student to class. However, there will be a lot of staff in orange vests to help students get to class. Students in grades K, 2nd, 4th and 6th who have their classroom in the South Hall will use the Front Door. Students in grades 1st, 3rd, and 5th who have classrooms in the North Hall will use the 174th North Hall Entrance. Students walking from the back of the school from Lafayette will use the main Back Door by the library. Students will be screened at all three entrances before entering the building. Make sure to follow all directions of staff who will be wearing orange vests. School starts at 8:50 AM except on Wednesday Late Start when drop-off begins at 9:35 AM, and school begins at 9:50 AM. After 8:50 AM (M, T, Th, F) or 9:50 AM (W), all students will need to enter through the front door and check into the office to receive a tardy slip they will take to their classroom. See PB School Expectation Video Fall 2021

  • Bus Students will be walked to their bus (if they are going home on the bus) Bus students will be walked to their bus. Students will then be dropped off at their assigned bus stop at their scheduled time. Bus assignments and stop times for your student can also be found on ParentVue once posted. Remember an authorized adult must meet kindergarten students, or the kindergarten student will not be dropped off at the bus stop.

  • Front Pickup and Walkers will be released by their teacher from the front grassy area by the flagpole. If you are picking up your students by car from the front of the school, please stay in your vehicle until you see your student’s teacher come to the grassy area by the flagpole. If you are picking up your students by walking from the front of the school, please wait on the grassy area by the flagpole until you see your student’s teacher. When you see your student’s teacher/Supervising staff member, please check in with them to pick up your student. Make sure to follow all parking lot supervisors’ directions, wear a mask on school grounds, and follow social distancing.

  • Back-gate Pickup and Walker will be dismissed from the library double doors at 2:57 PM (if they walk/pick up on Lafayette in the back of school) Back gate pickup and walker students will be dismissed from the library double doors at 2:57 PM. They will then walk to the back gate, where they can be picked up or walked home. There will be supervisors at both the library doors and back gate. Please remember that during SUN, the back gate will be locked for SUN at 3:05 PM and not reopened again until after SUN is over, so all students must exit the school grounds. Make sure to follow all supervisors’ directions, wear a mask if on school grounds, and follow social distancing.

  • We will be using a staggered exit/pick-up procedure to ensure social distancing and everyone's safety. The office will call and dismiss each grade level at the following times to promote social distancing and student safety.
  • 2:45 PM - K and 1st grades start dismissal

  • 2:50 PM - 3rd and 4th grades start dismissal

  • 2:55 PM - 2nd and 5th grades start dismissal

  • 2:57 PM - 6th graders start dismissal

  • What if I am not available to pick up my student? Can I send someone else? Yes, as long as they are authorized to pick up or prior arrangements have been made, they can pick up your child. Also, please let the office know before 2:30 PM if there will be a change in how your student gets home. After 2:30 PM, unless it is an emergency, we can not assure of getting a message to your students. Likewise, please avoid picking up your student early at the end of the day (after 2:30 PM) unless it is an emergency because every minute of learning counts.

  • How do I find out my student’s class and bus assignments? To support the safety and privacy of all our students, we will no longer be posting student class lists on the front door of the school. Instead, families can view your student(s) 2021-2022 classroom assignment using ParentVue. 1-6th Grade Class assignments are already posted. K class assignment will be published in ParentVue after Friday (9/10). Click here to begin. Bus assignments and stop times for your student can also be found on ParentVue once posted. We will let you know when bus assignments have been published. You can also find "How to" and step-by-step instructions at https://www.csd28j.org/Page/696.

  • Can I walk my child to class? No, at this time, there are no outside guests allowed in the building for everyone’s safety.

School Day FAQ:

  • What should students bring? Students should bring a mask, water bottle, backpack, and school supplies to school. You can find all the PB school Supply lists on our PB Website. We also have extra supplies. If you need any help with School Supplies or have any other needs, please get in touch with our school counselor, Ms. McDonnell, at cassondra_mcdonnell@csd28j.org or (503) 762 - 3204 or Remind app: @pbcounsel

  • Will there be Recess for students this year?- Yes, students will have recess outside each day. Students will be required to wear masks and wash/sanitize their hands before and after recess. In addition to the normal recess activities, we will also have some games/play that promotes social distancing and wiping down play equipment as we can. We will have extra recess supervision this year to support students and help to assure that everyone is following the recess procedures to promote safety. See PB School Expectation Video Fall 2021

  • What about PE, Music Library?- As a class, students will be going to PE, Music, and Library during their classroom’s assigned specialists time like in previous years. However, the same procedures of handwashing, masks, and promoting social distancing that is being followed throughout the school will also be observed during specialist times. Your student's teacher will be communicating a more detailed student learning schedule as we start school.

  • What about ELD/Title/SpEd/Speech and other services for my student?- Just like in previous years, students that receive these services will go to ELD/Tile/SPED/Speech and other services during their assigned time. This will most likely happen during their Coyote time. The same procedures of handwashing, masks, and promoting social distancing will be followed throughout the school. Your student's teacher or case manager will be communicating a more detailed student learning schedule after starting school.

  • Do I need to verify my student’s information even if everything is the same as last year? Yes! Please verify/update the information we have on file by logging into your ParentVUE account. Click here to begin. Verifying your student’s information is critical to ensure that you receive accurate communication from our school. If you forgot your username or password, click Existing Account Documentation for instructions. If you do not have an account, go to ParentVue Account Creation or contact your neighborhood school to obtain one. You can also find out more information about registration on the CSD Website at www.csd28j.org/Page/824. If you need support, please call the office at 503-762-3204.