The Endocrine and Immune Systems

By Julia Aguirre

Function of These Systems

Endocrine System: The endocrine system regulates growth, metabolism, and development. It also maintains homeostasis.

Immune System: This system fights disease and collects fluid that has been lost from the blood cells to send them back to the circulatory system.


Pathogen: Bacteria that can cause diseases.

Active Immunity: The resulting immunity with originates from the production of antibodies by the immune system to respond to the presence of an antigen.

Passive Immunity: A short term of immunity which comes from the antibodies from another animal or human.

Antigen: A toxin which induces an immune response from our bodies, namely the production of antibodies.

Antibody: A blood protein made to react against certain antigens that threaten the body.

Homeostasis (And it's role in the Endocrine System): The maintaining of a stable system. in the endocrine system homeostasis through negative and positive feedback. Positive feedback works to motivate activities that occur in the body, while negative feedback tries to make it slow down. Both work to make the system normal.


Antibiotics against bacteria is effective, but they are not against viruses. Viruses are even smaller than bacteria and require a real, living host to survive. Viruses do not have cells, unlike bacteria. Therefore, antibiotics are ineffective towards them.

HIV/AIDS: The Immune System

Description: A life threatening condition of immunodeficiency, making it so that the body is unable to attack diseases and infections. It is a sexually transmitted disease, which damages your immune system.

Prevalence: About 1.2 million people in the U.S. suffer from HIV, 14% of them unaware they have the infection.

Treatment: There is no cure, but different medicines can slow the disease down and lengthen one's life if they do have the disease.

Endocrine System: Negative Feedback Mechanism

What is it? A negative feedback mechanism is when the body sends negative feedback to a part of the body in order to try and reduce the activities going on there.

Ex. of Negative Feedback System in the body: When one's blood pressure is too high, the body sends a signal and attempts to reduce the amount of blood pressure to a stable state through negative feedback.