Texas Water Crisis

Water Does not Last Forever


The conflict is that is a proposed water supply project will have a substantial impact on the regions, agriculture, economic, or natural resources.

The solution to this problem is that every 5 years, contains water plans produced by 16 regional water planning groups that estimate how much water there area will need in 50 year and the project and measures that will deliver it.

Since people think there will not be enough water for everyone in Texas then they are going to find a solution to make sure they have enough water for everyone. Also people fear that the force of the government could still be used to take east Texas water, land, resources, and more.

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Synopsis By Blaine Borghesi

The Texas water resources are running low causing the state to go into water reservation mode. Due to the hot summer climates, water reserviors have gotten below 60% full which is the lowest since 1978.

My Opinion about the water crisis is that they need to limit the amount of water that goes into the house. I think that the next step is to limit different things that is draining the water reserviors.

Synopsis By Sebastian

Lawmakers, Dan Hardin, and Rick Perry have an idea to invest millions of dollars into machines that filter water they estimate that by 2060 the demand for water will increase and water is a limited resource.

The Texas population is expected to grow from 26 million to 46 million witch will increase the demand for water but if there is no water our population will drop.

Synopsis By Yasmin

The Texas water disagrees with DFW area about the regions 50 year water plan is serious enough that it should be resolved. The water planning agency voted a disagreement between two contiguous water planning.

My opinion about this article is that it was that it gives a lot of clues of how the future is going to be like. What I think might happen next is that one day Texas might over populat and there won't be enough water.