SHPS 2014- 2015


Teaching Quote

"Learning gives creativity,

Creavity leads to thinking,

Thinking provides knowledge,

Knowledge makes you great."

- Abdul Kalam

My Best Practice ☺️

I feel that my best practice was truly serving as the middle woman between iPads and teachers. Since my colleagues had various comfort levels with technology. I tried to make them aware that I too was not the most technology savvy person and that we would help each other through the year. I tried my best at keeping their spirits high when things were not working or when projects were not as we had intended. We all learned together and suggested new things to each other. Making this our learning experience instead of my teaching experience.


1. Integrating the iPads to your teaching is like using a brand new textbook. You must study it first.

2. Something will always go wrong. Stay calm!

3. Enjoy the ipad. Once you've used them for a while it's like second nature.

4. Allow for your colleagues and students to teach YOU.