Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 10 January 20, 2015

Google Chrome Extensions

The Google Chrome Web Store has many apps and extensions available. I, Melanie Fessler, am addicted to extensions. My screen is already full of extensions, but I keep finding more and more that I NEED. The Web Store can be found by clicking on the App Launcher while in chrome. It is in the top left of the Chrome screen. . Once you open the App screen the Web store is in the bottom right. You can search for Apps or Extensions. The links below are for a few of my favorite Extensions. If you have any Extenions that I might need to add to my Chrome account please let me know.

Classroom of the Week

Mrs. Krumweide's class

The students in Mrs. Krumweide's clssroom are using Read and Write for Google to research nonfiction. This Chrome Extension highlights text as it is read aloud to the students. They are also using the word prediction component of this extension to help them write independently. The students were very excited to be able to research and write on their own. The best part of the activity was when the computer read them their names.
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