Norfolk Jr. High

By Rylee Kwapnioski


I have picked ESPN updates. What this app does is tell you what is happening in the sports industry. It keeps you up to date with scores, highlights of the game, and injuries. It makes you add your favorite teams and sports, so that you will get the updates.
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Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect
By Jason Moore

Pitch Perfect is one of the most funniest movies you will ever watch. Becka also known as Anna Kendrick went to college but all she wanted to do is go to LA and work on music and play it for people. Her dad is a teacher there and he said that he would play for her to go to LA if she stayed there for 1 whole year. She got into singing and sang for the Bella’s. They made it into the finals.What follows is an entirely predictable, utterly enjoyable underdog story as the Belles face off against the all-male group on campus, The Treblemakers through a series of competitions and skirmishes Pitch Perfect will draw inevitable comparisons to “Glee on the road back to Nationals.
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Pitch perfect "cups" tryout

Lady Bug

Breaking News-
A ladybugs house started on fire Sunday night. Olivia, the mom, was out at the store and all of her 22 kids were at home playing outside except for one. Jace was trapped under the frying pan and could not get out. His brothers and sister had no idea that Jace was inside, so they went to neighbors to call 911. When firefighters arrived on the scene he was in stable condition. Nobody knows how the house started on fire.
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Should Public Schools Be Wearing Uniforms

Argument #3: Many schools serving students your age have decided to require all students to wear school uniforms. However, many people still disagree with this common practice. What is your opinion on this issue? Be sure that your “essay” would convince school personnel.
First, we will brainstorm both sides of the issue. Even if you think your idea is crazy, go with it!

Side 1: I believe all students should wear school uniforms (3 minute free type)
I believe all student should wear school uniforms because it won’t take you as long in the morning.

My view with supporting details.
Create a Headline- make sure it has your subject in it!
Headlines- Should Public Schools wear uniforms

I don’t think public schools should be wearing uniforms, because you have to express yourself in different ways with shoes, shirts, pants, and other stuff. When you get to school, you won’t have anybody wearing the same thing as you. Some kids feel better in sweat pants and some feel better in jeans. You won’t see the same clothes everyday.

Lauren Cook

A 5’8 senior from Lincoln, Nebraska, number two, Lauren Cook! Lauren Cook has been at Nebraska for three years and one year at UCLA. She got a full ride scholarship to play for UCLA. She loved being there, but she decided to go back to her hometown Lincoln, Nebraska and play for her dad (John Cook). John Cook has been at Nebraska for 11 seasons. Cook took over at setting after sharing it with a two time All- American Sydney Anderson. In 2011, Cook led the team to run a 6-2 offense. Her senior year, she was All Team American she beat Hannah Werth and Gina Mancuso. Hannah and Gina got 2nd runner-up. Lauren Cook has an undecided major, but she is looking to go in to being a wedding planner. In 2011, she only had nine serving errors out of 512 attempts. Thanks for tuning in to us at Big Ten
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Lauren Cook

1. Lauren Cook was an All Team American. She beat Hannah Werth and Gina Mancuso which both got 2nd All Team American.

2.Lauren Cook is a 5’8 senior setter for Nebraska

3.Lauren assets about 20 assets a game.

4.In 2011 she ran a 6-2 offence.

5 In 3 years she has proved to be the best setter in the world.

6. Was a 2011 AVCA Honorable-Mention All-American • Also earned first-team All-Big Ten honors • Guided the Huskers to undefeated play at the 2011 Ameritas Players Challenge and the MCM Elegante Lobo Classic • Was named to the all-tournament team for the Ameritas Player's Challenge (MVP) and the MCM Elegante Lobo Classic •

7.Cook took over atCook took over at setter after sharing the position with two-time All-American Sydney Anderson in NU's 6-2 rotation in 2010

setter after sharing the position with two-time All-American Sydney Anderson in NU's 6-2 rotation in 2010

8. Lauren only had 9 serving errors out of 512 attempts to serve her Jr year.
9.Team and was selected as the team's MVP after notching 122 assists and 40.6 assists per match against Creighton, St. Mary's and Weber State • Was also honored as an academic All-Big Ten selection.

10. John Cook has been at Nebraska for 11 seasons.

11.Compiling a 161–73 record over seven seasons

12.she went to Pius X High School in Lincoln, Neb

13.She has undecided on a major, but contemplates becoming a wedding/event planner.

14. Lauren is a transfer from UCLA. She only spent one season there.

15. AVCA freshman of the year
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