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Detailed Agenda for Virtual TCSS Conference

We are very excited to share the full line up of presentations for the upcoming virtual TCSS Conference at https://www.tnsocialstudies.org/detailed-agenda. You don't want to miss this opportunity to learn from and connect with the best of Tennessee Social Studies teachers! We hope to see you next month, February 22-27 for the online TCSS Conference: Reaching New Heights. Register today at https://www.tnsocialstudies.org/conference-1.

Geography Strand at the TCSS Virtual Annual Conference

Tuesday, February 23 at 7:00pm

Join us for the Geography Strand at the Tennessee Council for the Social Studies virtual annual conference in February. There will be a most important and timely keynote by UTK Geography Professor and former President of the American Association of Geographers, Dr. Derek Alderman (see abstract below) followed by a breakout session of three concurrent presentations. These are in addition to the five geography themed presentations that are included on the full program on Saturday, February 27.

Keynote – Mapping Behind the Movement: Geographies Behind the African American Freedom Struggle

Responding to growing calls to address civil rights and ant-racism in Geography classrooms, Dr. Alderman explores the seldom discussed but important role of counter-mapping within the African American Freedom Struggle. Black resistant cartographies stretch what constitutes a map, who is a map-maker, the political work performed by maps, and, in turn, how and why we should teach maps.

Tennessee Geo and Google (Elementary Grades)

Come and join Mrs. T (Tennessee) and Mrs. G (Geography) on a journey through Tennessee. Mrs. T and Mrs. G will provide you with ready made mini lesson plans on Tennessee Geography which will be perfect for all levels especially elementary. A virtual library will provide teachers with books to help teach geography, tolerance, and acceptance. Our world is changing and we need to be prepared to help our students to grow, to learn, to be good citizens, and to be kind.

Historic Maps in the Middle School Classroom

Developing a geographic awareness at the middle level using ancient, medieval, and Renaissance era maps.

Tackling the AP Human Geography Exam Unit by Unit

This will be the first year students will take the new version of the AP exam where more of the multiple choice questions will include maps, graphs, and charts. This session will provide teachers with practice exam questions and mini lessons using maps, graphs, and charts for each of the seven AP Units . All questions are based on the AP 2020 Practice Exam.

A full agenda for the conference is available at: