Beaty News Update

Mrs. Zaidi and Mrs. Dendy -October 14-28

Frog Street Curriculum Theme 3: Giants*

Dear Family,

During the next four weeks, we will be learning about giants!

Before children can comprehend the concept of giant, they need to understand the differences between big and little. So we will begin by comparing all kinds of big and little things from animals to toys to words. Then we will explore giants in nature, such as mountains, glaciers, trees, waterfalls, oceans, and big animals. We will also explore giants that have been made by people, such as skyscrapers, bridges, ships, planes, trains, and roller coasters. Finally, we will explore make-believe giants from fairytales and fables.

*Frog Street Press PK Curriculum- Family Connections

Important Dates to Remember

Oct.17- Police officer visit

Oct. 28- Silly Hat Day- Children can wear any silly hat to school. No costumes please.


Take time to help your child practice doing things for themselves! Helping child learn to help themselves is empowering. For example: use the toilet and toileting needs, putting on jacket, putting on shoes, using a tissue to blow nose, and putting toys away. Your child should be able to do all of these things with little or no help.

Vocabulary Words

Some of the words your child will become familiar with in this theme.

Big, bigger, biggest, little, small, smaller, smallest, mosquito, majestic, cave, waterfall, sun, moon, mountain, giant, enormous, and dinosaur.

Parents are teachers too!

Things you can do at home…

1. Count the manmade giants you see around your neighborhood for example buildings, bridges, or vehicles that are giant-sized? Count nature’s giants; rivers, lakes, mountains, trees, or clouds. Make a list of all the giants you find outdoors.

2. The giant in Jack and the Beanstalk stomped about chanting, “Fee, fi, fo, fum.” Change the beginning sounds of these four words and make some new giant chants—Tee, ti, to, tum; Bee, bi, bo, bum; or Mee, mi, mo, mum. It’s fun to play with sounds!

Great Books to Read

The Mitten by Jan Brett

The Biggest Boy by Kevin Henkes

In the Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming

Big and Little by Steve Jenkins

Big Dog…Little Dog A Bedtime Story by P.D. Eastman

Memory books

We are making memory books for each student. Please send a 1 inch binder and 1 pack of 25 sheet protectors.


We will be learning with pumpkins in the next couple of weeks. We would love to get some pumpkins. Please donate a pumpkin for our class. We need pumpkins in different colors , shape and sizes. We will be sorting, graphing, counting and cooking with pumpkins. Thank you for your support!!