Figurtive language


Comparing two things using like or as

Example:I was as grumpy as a bear in the morning

meaning:n i was really grumpy.

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Comparing two things without using like or as

example: i was a bee in the morning

meaning:I was really busy

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A group of words

Example: Hit the hay

Meaning: Go to bed

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An eggsaderation

Example: I was so hungry i could eat a cow.

Meaning:I was really hungry

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Giving human qualities to nonhuman objects.

Example: The sun said hi as it rose in the sunrise.

meaning:It was shining bright.

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Short story

It was the night before our trip to Hershey park. My parents were bees packing our luggage. Mom said its time to hit the hay. In the morning mom was as grumpy as a bear in the morning. Ready to go dad asked. Then we hit the road. When we got to our hotel we were really excited. We made our own candy bars. Then next day we went to kings island. We went on roller coasters. When we got home it felt like we haven't been home for 10 years. Then we sat and talked about our candy trip.