The Boston Tea Party

By: Sofia Petroccia, Margie Carden, and Annie DeFrancesco

The Boston Tea Party took place on December 16, 1773

What was the Boston Tea Party?

The Boston Tea Party was when Boston colonists dressed as Indians and dumped British tea into the Boston harbor. The colonists did this by raiding the British ships, they then dumped about 350 bags of tea overboard.

Why did the Boston Tea Party occur?

The colonists had tax put on their goods to pay off the debt from the war. They were very mad about the taxes that were being passed. Then when tea was taxed, they decided they weren't to going to pay it. As a result they protested and threw tons and tons of tea into the Boston Harbor to make the British furious.

The colonists who took part in the Boston Tea Party

Fun Facts

  • Francis Akeley, was a son of liberty and the only person who was arrested for his actions in the Boston Tea Party.
  • Today the amount of tea that they threw overboard would cost 1 million dollars.
  • The ships held 240 chests of Bohea tea, 15 chests of Congou tea, 10 chests of Souchong tea, 60 chests of Singlo tea and 17 chests of Hyson tea.
  • The exact location of the tea party is believed to be Hutchinson street which in present day is Pearl street