Project Clubhouse

Mrs. McBryar's Class

Our Workers:

Day 1- May 2, 2016

Today we will:

-Understand what PBL is, looks like, and how it works

-Hire onto our job, understand our job descriptions and responsibilities, and build our teams

-Look at sample clubhouses

-Discuss budget and materials

-Get a plan of action and map out the PBL process

-Begin setting goals for our project

Project Based Learning: Explained.
How to Build a Playhouse in 12 Easy Hours
Our clubhouse with an upstairs balcony
Children's Playhouses I've built

Day 2- May 3, 2016

Today we will:

- Look at the "going rate" for materials

- Use area on the blocks of the floor to discuss area of our clubhouse as well as other tools for measurement

- Discuss how we will budget our money for outside materials and look at different websites to furnish our clubhouse

- Start a scaled model of our clubhouse on graph paper

Day 3- May 4th, 2016

Today we will:

- Budget managers and Architect Designers will look up prices of materials and communicate with Project Managers and Builders on prices to add to the blueprints

(Websites will be used from day 2)

- Project Managers and Builders will keep adding to the blueprints of their projects

- We will discuss concerns and roadblocks that have come up along the way and how we can work out these problems

- We will be discussing how tax plays a role into buying our materials and how we are going to calculate tax into the total costs

-See slide 31 of PBL Powerpoint for more details on where we left off

Day 4- May 5, 2016

Today we will:

- go outside to take new and improved measurements for our clubhouse

- tape off an area outside of the classroom to represent each clubhouse

- purchase all outside wood and add it into the total costs

- keep building and adding to our blueprints

Day 5- May 6, 2016

Today we will:

- Purchase inside wood for walls

- Purchase tools to put the project together

- Keep adding to our blueprints

Day 6- May 9, 2016

Today we will:

- Make changes to the notes in our Project Manager Folder

- Make a key for the scaled model that will start tomorrow

Day 7- May 10, 2016

Today we will:

- Start our scaled model of the house

Day 8- May 11, 2016

Today we will:

-Continue building our clubhouses

Big image

Day 9- May 12, 2016

Today we will:

-Add details to our clubhouse such as paint and a roof.