One Coin Event Hungary 16/1/2016

Dr. Ruja Ignatova

One Coin Event Hungary 16/1/2016 Dr Ruja huge announcement OPN join ONECOIN

Today is a day that will go down in history. OPN network marketing company joins OneCoin adding 400,000 + members from their network to lock arm with One Coin and make us the no 1 network marketing and crypto currency in the world. This is going to make the price sky rocket ...
Dr Ruja announces that we will be a force in the financial world and we are going to be taking on Western union and the other pay processors. We are now looking to help people all around the world be able to send money and save money. no more queing at western union and paying really high fees.

One Coin is the future of payments.

Tied to master card you will be able to spend the coins on the card any where in the world.
This is the biggest opportunity you may ever get and you have to grab this with hands.
This is going to change the world and change the way we transact money forever!!
One coin is now just moving into Phase 2 and that usability of the coin, when we have created 30% of the coins we have our very own Ecommerce store site coming with 150,000 stores just to star.
We have our very own bank coming a money exchange that you will be able to change any money to any currency.
This is so big it is crazy and we are only just getting started!!!

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