Tornado in a Bottle

by Andrew D. Cheatham

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Tornado Facts for Kids!

Wray, Colorado Tornado

This is a recent tornado (May 7, 2016) posted on You Tube.
Beautiful Tornado near Wray, Colorado May 7, 2016

Tornado in a Bottle

I chose tornado in a bottle because I wanted to learn more about tornadoes.

Purpose of the study

The purpose of the study is how tornadoes form.


The longer you twirl the bottles, the longer the tornadoes will last.

Materials used in the experiment

water, dish soap liquid, bottle connectors, 2, 2 liter bottles (clear bottles are better).


1. fill plastic two liter bottle with water(one for each tornado) 3/4 high .

2. add dish soap (2 drops of dish soap) in the water

3. connect the two bottles with bottle connector(screw bottle connector tightly)

4. twirl bottles in a circular motion


My results were a skinny tornado formed, the one with just water didn't have bubbles and the one with dish soap did.


In conclusion, my hypothesis was wrong and really the harder you twirl the bottles the longer the tornado goes.

The Experiment....

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Books for kids about Tornadoes

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