Nuremberg Trials

Nazi conspirator: Hermann Goering

Hermann Goering

Goering was a Nazi supremist who was one of the few nazis elected into the Reichstag in 1928. He was in charge of the Aryanization of Jewish properties. He also was in charge of hosting a high- level party the night after Krystallnacht, in which he blamed the Jewish population for.

Nuremberg trial

Hermann Goering was sentenced to death by hanging. On October 15,1946 Herman was pronounced dead from suicide. He had snuck a cyanide pill into his cell and took it the day before his hanging sentence

What would you do to him if you had judicial power?

In all reality I'd do the same thing. I'd sentence everyone who participated in the Nazi government to death. They commited crimes against humanity trying to erase an whole race off of the planet. In Goerings case, he most definetly would get the death sentence. He was like hitlers right eye. He needed Goerings to help him run the nazi party. He deserved his fate