Estridge Edition

News From Our 5th Grade Classroom 12/4/15

What's Happening in the Classroom

Notes from the Teacher

We are going to the Merrillville Planetarium on Wednesday December 16th from 9:30-12:00. We will be back in time for lunch. Your child received a permission slip on Wednesday. Please fill this in and return the slip back to school with the $1 by next Friday, December 11. To help support the Planetarium and keep costs low for schools to attend, student will be allowed to visit the gift shop (this provides extra funding for the planetarium).

Thank you to all who volunteered to chaperone our annual camp trip. Below are the names of parents who were chosen to chaperone. Note are being sent home today. Some parents require a background check-this is attached to the note going home today. Please fill this in as soon as possible and return it back to school.

​Leaders: Training on March 12th

Stephanie Fedorchak

Jaime Rasmussen

Ashley McCauley

Daniel deKock

Doug Taylor

​Brian Stage

Maria Stock

Amy Tharp


Ken Evans

Shaun Shifflett

Clint Wadsworth

Eric DeLaney

Ben Letany

Thomas DeVries

Karen Kinsey

Kim Reberg

Barb Kitner

Diana Sullivan

Susan Stage

Below is a note from Student Council about their first service project of the year:

This supply drive will begin on Tuesday, Dec. 1 and go until Wednesday, December 16. It will benefit the Valparaiso Schools Back Pack Project and Hilltop Food Pantry.

The Valpo Back Pack Project is a mini food pantry housed in all the elementary schools so that the social worker can send home food and household supplies to families in need when necessary.

Items that we will collect are: toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, detergent, body soap and shampoo. These are all items that food stamps cannot be used to purchase. Also canned and boxed food will be collected.


In math, we will be working on volume. Your child will receive a copy of the Unit 3 study guide on Friday. We will review the answers in class that day and have the test on MONDAY, December 14th.

The Science take home test will be due on Monday (12/7).

In Writing, we will begin our unit on persuasive writing. Student will brainstorm topics for them to write a persuasive letter, pick a topic, and begin the writing process on their persuasive letters.

We will start Unit 4-Adjectives and Articles. We will be working on types of adjectives (comparative and superlative, using more and most).

In Reading, we will continue another novel study. Students will have pages to read and a sheet to complete before our next day of reading . They will meet in small groups to discuss answers and ask questions. Students WILL have time to read in class some of the homework, but are ENCOURAGED to re-read their assignment at home.

In Social Studies, we will finish Unit 4 next week. Your child will have a Vocab Quiz on Wednesday (with the words coming home Tuesday to study) and the study guide for the Unit 4 test on Thursday (which we will review in class together). The test will be on Friday.

Spelling List for This Week


















New Jersey


New York

Dates to Remember

December 15-This is Our Story Performance

December 14-PTA meeting

December 16-Planetarium field trip in the morning

December 18-Last Day of School before Winter Break

January 4-Return from Winter Break