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What's happening in Room 6?


We are finishing our math unit on Monday. We will review key concepts on Tuesday and have our math test on Wednesday. Thank you for your support at home!


This week, we are reading a story called Honey Bees. We will learn all about how honey bees work together as a community. We will use the research process to write an informational piece about honey bees. Our research will come from our weekly story, a video and some other nonfiction books.

Our comprehension strategy this week is comparing and contrasting. We will compare and contrast the three different types of honey bees.


Our spelling pattern this week is based upon the long e pattern spelled (ee or e). I am also extending the pattern to include ea. We will do some word sorts and word building activities to recognize the long e patterns. Our spelling test will be on Wednesday.


Last week, we started our Science unit called Balance and Motion. So far our class has been asked to try to balance objects that they otherwise would not consider balancing. They had to balance a paper crayfish on their fingers. It took some time, but eventually one student found the way to balance the crayfish. :) The second part of that lesson then introduced counterweights. We used the counterweights to balance the crayfish in other ways. It was difficult for the class, but in the end they were able to figure it out.

I enjoy this unit because it encourages the students to look at a problem and find unique ways to solve it. The lessons build upon one another. Once they figure out that they have to carry over their learning from each activity, the lessons become a little bit easier for them.

Box Tops

Our school is having a Box Top competition again. If you have Box Tops at home, please send them into school to help our class. :)

Mrs. Kristin Otto

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