P&A's Sweet N' Treat stand

we sell sweets N' treats!!!

Best Home-Made Treats N' Sweets In Town!!!

Hi! I'm Paige and my brother is Aydan! We sell Cup Cakes, Cookies, Mini Pies, You name it! We make goodies from Apple Pies to Fudge, from Cup Cakes to Non- bake cookies! We make you treats and coupons to come back and get more! You will love our sweets, and if your not much of a sweet tooth... then we will make you whatever fits your standards!

Try our tasty treats!

Come on down to P&A's

Don't doubt our goodness! We Welcome new comers! For your first visit we will give a punch card that gives you the chance to get ANY FREE IDEM OF YOUR CHOICE! Now's your chance so come on down to P&A's!!

We Are P&A's!

Thanks for reading our fliers! pass on the message and come to us! We Love Our Customers!!