The Death of Romeo and Juliet

By Spencer and Ervin

The Deaths that shocked the world

This morning in Verona. The day after Juliet "died". Romeo from committed suicide by drinking poison right next to her one her grave. No one knew what was going on but friar Lawrence had something to say about the two deaths.

This is what he had to say "I will be brief because I’m not going to live long enough to tell a boring story. Romeo, who lies there dead, was the husband of that Juliet. And she, who lies there dead, was that Romeo’s faithful wife. I married them; their secret wedding day was the day Tybalt died. His untimely death caused the bridegroom to be banished from the city. Juliet was sad because Romeo was gone, not because of Tybalt’s death. To cure her sadness, you arranged a marriage for her with Count Paris. Then she came to me, and, looking wild, she asked me to devise a plan to get her out of this second marriage. She threatened to kill herself in my cell if I didn’t help her. So I gave her a sleeping potion that I had mixed with my special skills. It worked as planned. She seemed to everyone to be dead."