Team Dazzlerettes have done soooooooo well!

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Congratulations, well done and a massive THANK YOU!

I can't quite believe how well we have done as a team...overall we sold over 58000 GQV which is AMAZING and held over 80 trunk shows just in November!

Compared to last november and the rest of the year, we as a team have had the most amount of trunk shows, most amount of promotions, most amount of people hitting the 30% commission rate and the Stellar Seller Award all in one month so I wanted to say well done and am really proud and excited to see your businesses flourish!

So here comes the drum roll....To those who sold something and / or qualified in November...

Catriona Aleppo, Emma Barden, Emilie Di Mario, Elizabeth Card, Jo Greenwood, Jo Hazzard, Jacqueline Hayhurst, Jessica Wohlke, Katja Hemker, Melissa Merritt, Maya Abdi, Nicola Wolfenden, Nicola Styles, Penny Jackson, Penny Jordon, Susie Lowden and Wibke Wahls!

The 30 Percenters...

Jessica Wohlke, Saskia Karsch, Catherine Nathwani, Katrin Ewald, Heidi and Emma Kempton!

The Stellar Sellers....

Vicky Todd, Talia Slade, Anna Dark and Moi!

AND look who promoted......

So please come to the Last Stylist meet up of celebrations and Fizz for 2014! - Please RSVP! Hope you can make it! xx

Friday, Dec. 19th, 9:30am-12pm

Bramblings, Buckham Thorns Road, Westerham, TN16 1ET

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

And from the STAR DIRECTOR herself...


HOT news gals...
Tomorrow Wednesday 3rd December is the Dazzler official booking blitz day. For all the many new gals who have recently joined this is how it works. At any time tomorrow you hit the phones and speak to people about booking a show with you, or you meet them whilst out and about and speak to them etc. When you book and load onto the lounge any show with a December date you get two tickets and a January date gets one ticket.
On Thursday I will make a draw for 3 pieces of the new collection!

You need to text me ( Denny) with the following
your name, the date (s) of the shows to 07702806498. So off you go gals, office pop ups, last minute coffee shopping mornings, a night in the pub with the guys and for January a chance to get together after the tinsel comes down, an opportunity to spend ones' Christmas money, the launch of the new collection!!! Why wouldn't people want to get together, all you have to do is ask!
Good luck xxxxx