Satchel Paige

By Jaden Funk

About Satchel Paige

Leroy "Satchel" Paige was born July 07, 1907 in Mobile, Alabama. Passed away June 08, 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri

Satchel's life aside from baseball

  • Satchel was a ladies man with quite the ego.
  • Satchel was the 7th of 12 children.
  • Satchel had 6 children .
  • Satchel was married twice.
  • He died on June 8,18,1982 at age 74 in Kansas city Missouri .
Satchel Paige Biography

Satchel's impact on history

Satchel was put in the Baseball hall of fame. He helped desegregate baseball and earned respect of white and black fans.