Watt's Up


Mo's Reminder

This morning, Mo jumped out of bed and said, "Is today a school day"? I replied, "Yes, it is a school day". He responded, "Okay, I can do this because we only have two more weeks"!

15 - 16 School-wide Goals

Merit Learning Center will maintain a graduation rate of 90% for the eligible seniors who complete our program with a high school diploma.

Criteria: Merit Learning Center will use the below stated criteria to determine the assigned outcome code:

2 - Earning all credits indicated on the ILP or earning at least 10 credits per year or a monthly equivalent of 1.1 credits based upon enrollment

3 – Earning at least an average of .8 credit per month based upon enrollment

4 – Earning an average of less than .8 credit per month based upon enrollment

Senior Update - Part I

I thought that I would give an update on our seniors. David and I are finalizing our eligible senior list. Here is how we have defined the term "eligible".

An eligible senior needs more than one and a half time the monthly average (1.1) of credits to earn an outcome of 2.

  • Example # 1: A senior enrolled on 8/6/2016 needing to earn 20 credits is NOT an eligible senior.
  • Example # 2: A senior enrolled on 8/6/2016 needing 12 credits IS an eligible senior.

There are a few factors that also exclude students from meeting the eligible senior requirements.

  • Expelled
  • Incarcerated
  • Transfer (NOT including transfers to home school)
  • Less than 15 days of attendance (alternative education exclusion)

Senior Update - Part II

Here is a breakdown of our senior data as of 5/13/2016.

176 Enrolled Seniors

85 Graduates

11 Pending Exit

5 Outcome Code 2 (see School-wide Goal Criteria)

22 Transferred out of program

22 Dropped Out

2 Incarcerated

We have 28 active seniors. I have placed a copy of their names in your mailbox. We are encouraging all seniors to complete their requirements by 5/20/2016; however, they have until 5/27/2016 to complete their credits and participate in commencement ceremonies.

TELL Survey

Today is the last day to complete the TELL Survey. Please do so if you have not completed the survey already.

Closing Day Cermonies

On May 31st, please plan to join us at Goshen High School for the Annual End of Year Celebration. This is our opportunity to recognize colleagues for their service to the students of GCS.

  • 12:45 – 1:15 p.m. - Retiree Reception in the Cafeteria
  • 1:20 – 1:30 p.m. - Entertainment Provided by GHS Student Musicians
  • 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. - Recognition Program in the Auditorium for reaching milestones in years of service to Goshen Community Schools.

Oh! Please come celebrate Nancy Peters! She has met the 30 Years of Service Milestone!