J.R.Henderson P.S.

September 15, 2016

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Let me start off by saying how wonderful it is to have all of your children here at Henderson!

Over the past week, students have been settling in nicely and teachers have been working steadily at developing positive classroom communities!

And we have just learned that this productive learning environment will be able to continue uninterrupted as there will not be any changes to our classes. As such, our current school organization will remain as is for the 2016-17 school year.




James R. Henderson P.S. Has Been Adopted!

Stop by Kingston Chapters anytime between September 18 and October 9 and you will see our school banner displayed in the store! As part of our school's initiative to transform our library into a Learning Commons, we have partnered up with Kingston Chapters to raise funds towards purchasing new books for our school.

During the Adopt-a-School campaign, every dollar raised will go towards purchasing books for our Learning Commons. We encourage Henderson families to visit Kingston Chapters and support our school by making a donation. Thank you for your support!


Notices and Newsletter

Just a reminder that this year the bulk of our communications will be done electronically. We will post these items to our website: www.jrhenderson.limestone.on.ca and send them out via our Twitter feed. You may also choose to have the newsletters and updates sent directly to your personal inbox.

To set this up, please email us at jrhen@limestone.on.ca with Electronic Mail as the subject line. Note that print copies will only be sent home if specifically requested.


Each student will receive a Data Verification form today. Please review the information and make any necessary changes. We would ask that your return the form signed even if there are no changes required. Signed Data Verification Forms due to the classroom teacher by September 29th, 2016.


Math Homework Help

Math Homework Help offers free online math support for students in Grades 7 to 10.. Students have access to both guided and independent learning in a unique environment that combines technology and personal interaction. Key areas of the site include Ask A Tutor Chat Rooms, Listen & Learn presentationswith certified teachers, Interactive Tutorials, and Best Sessions.

Register for free at: https://homeworkhelp.ilc.org/

Children and Stress.

Stress isn’t just an adult thing. Kids have stress too! Some stress is normal and helps us feel alert and energized, but too much stress is not good for anyone. Too much stress interferes with a child’s ability to focus and think, makes it more difficult for children to get along with others, and can affect a child’s physical, emotional, and mental health.1

How can you help your kids when they feel stressed?

Spending time with your kids is the most important thing you can do.2 Plan fun, creative activities the whole family can enjoy such as making dinner together, or taking adventure walks in the neighborhood. Laughter is a great stress buster. Try to share some laughs with your family every day.

For information and resources about children and stress visit


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