Digital Writing Matters!!

by Janice Dill

What is Digital Writing?

  • Using technology tools when working on writing projects
  • Collaborating with others when working on the projects

Why change? My way has worked fine so far!!

  • As teachers, we need to use technology that our students interact with on a daily basis - they will be more interested in learning
  • We know they're using their I-Phones and I-Pads; lets find a way to make it educational
  • Digital writing projects enhance creativity in our students
  • Digital writing projects offer another avenue of expression - it should increase motivation in our students
  • Digital writing projects and use of tools such as google docs, allows students to collaborate with others
  • Working collaboratively is an essential life skill; most employers are looking for employees who can contribute positively to the "team" environment

How do I Start these Changes?

  • Spend time exploring the Web 2.0 tools that would work for your content area
  • Don't be discouraged - there's so much out there - we can't know it all
  • Let the students know that you don't know it all when you work with the technology
  • Trust me, after teaching with computers for 20+ years we NEVER know it all
  • Let your students help you!
  • Talk to your colleagues - stress the importance of including technology into our standards and expectations for students
  • Collaborate with your colleagues - be part of a learning team - try to stay current
  • Think outside the box - is there a new way you can do something that might be more interesting?
  • Start with one lesson, one class; don't try to do it all in one quarter
  • Don't be afraid to fail - you may have great success with some projects, and others may not work.