by Michael charles

Founder,beliefs on after life,beliefs

founder: none

beliefs on after life: if karma unsolved,soul is born into a new body


  • 1:human nature-in bondase to ignorance and illusion
  • 2:purposes of life-to attain liberation
  • 3:how to live: order life according to the dharma

Hinduism info

Date founded: 1,500 bc or earlier

Adherent (followers): 900 million

Size rank: third largest in the world

sacred text (holy book): vedas,upalishads,sutras

spirital leaders: guru or sage

ultimate reality: brahaman

Major holidays

Fun things about Hindiusm

wedding rituals and places and ways to worship

Rituals of weddings:

  • 1: The priest ties the bride and groom and they walk 7 times around a fire and after that they are husband and wife
  • 2: Hindu marriages are arranged by the parents and they suggest a suitable partner

How hindus worship:

  • They worship shrines & temples where a picture of a god or goddess where they believe they live within a shrines and seeing their image is the same as being with them.

Rites of passage and gods

Rites of passage:

  • 1: blessing after birth
  • 2: a naming ceremony by the priest
  • 3: shaving the head


  • 1: Agni-the god of fire and guardian of homes
  • 2: Ganesh- god of success
  • 3: Shiva- god of destruction and recreation

The History of Hindu India