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Type of Music


As the mixture of hip hop, rap and reggae caught the imagination of urban youth in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Latin cultural centers in the U.S., the majority of new reggaeton artists catching the public's imagination came from Puerto Rico

History Of Music

2004 was the year that reggaeton finally burst out of its confined space

Before the music was called reggaeton, it was known as "Spanish Reggae" or Reggae in Spanish

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While it takes influences from hip hop and Jamaican, reggaeton is not precisely the Hispanic or Latin American version of either of these genres, reggaeton has its own specific beat and rhythm.

Reggaeton lyrical structure resembles hip hop lyrics

The dembow riddim itself was first created by Jamaican dancehall producers in the late 1980s and early 1990s

Connection to Dance

Traditional couple dancing has been face to face, such as the waltz or square dancing

The Music Today

Daddy Yankee, Tito El Bambino, and Don Omar are three popular artists in reggaeton today
Gasolina-Daddy Yankee-Radio Version