All About Paige

6th Grade

All About Me

I have two older brothers named Josh who's 14 and Bryce who's 16. I have a dog who acts like I'm her puppy. I have a bird named Roudy who acts like a chicken, a dog , a cat, and me! I have two other birds named Polly and Mr.Snuffaluffigus. I had two other birds named Fruitloop and Leelee both of which my mother killed. She also killed two frogs named Timmy and Bob. My mother's name is Jennifer. My dad's name is little Russell.I have gone to four schools, Stokes, G. R. Whitefield, Wahl-Coates, and here C. M. Epps. I spend a bunch of nights at my Great Grandmother Lucille Whichard and her husband Russel Whichard before he died two years ago. I love to build things out of block to the point I made Noah's Ark I also made a robot chicken and a dog.So over all I am very creative.
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I Am A Fox

I believe this is true because of my brothers and I was always the peacemaker. When ever there was a debate I would settle it always. I hate all conflict and fights between the people I am around. However if I know and believe I am right then I will debate with other people how think I'm wrong.

Micro-Conflict Poam

Micro-Conflict Poem


Sweet, Special, Talkative, and Proper

Who loves Family, Hard Work, and Fall

Who hates Disrespectful People, Guilt, and Mice

Who is happy when Joy is Spread, I Help Others, and I’m Home

Who is sad when Someone I Love is Hurt,Something Goes Wrong, and When I See Loss Of Life

Who gets excited about Having Fun, and A trip

Who get’s angry about Injustice and Bullies Who Hurt People

Who feels safe when I’m Home and I’m In My Dad’s Arms

Who fears Creepy Crawlies and Loss Of Family


My Goals

I would like to be a world famous Tennis player and have two PhD's. One in math and one in art. I would like to be a singer too. I wouldn't mind it I had a big family two boys and two girls. I want to climb Mount Everest and ride an elephant too!