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I Don't Fit the Mold

Why can't I relate to any of the advertisements on television and magazines? Well I suppose they all depict a heterosexual couple as parents and never homosexual parents like mine. Also, we live in a small apartment because one of my fathers got laid off. There is definetly no white picket fence or fancy new car. We also can't eat dinner together most nights because my father that is still working picked up extra hours. I also didn't get any presents for Christmas because we have to spend our money wisely right now. I do understand why I couldn't get any presents, but I really was hoping to get a pearl necklace- even if it was a knock off. Practically everyone at school has one. Wow, I guess there really isn't anything about my life that's normal. Do people at school notice this? Do they talk about me behind my back? Especially since the educational video about homosexuals aired. I know my fathers aren't predators, but does everyone at school? I can't go back there. There's no way. I need to ditch class. I'll get a job instead. Maybe then we can afford to look more like the people in the advertisements.