4th Grade News 5/9/16

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information

5/12--Fitness Frenzy

Fitness Frenzy will begin at 8:30. Parents who are coming to volunteer can meet in the gym at 8:00. Students will come to the classroom at 7:50 and we will come outside at 8:30. We will play games and have different competitions from 8:30-12:00. Lunch will be from 12:00-1:30. If your child is planning to leave campus with another parent, your child must have a hand-written note from a parent giving them permission. Kona Ice will be selling snow cones beginning at 1:30. A small snow cone will cost $2.00. There will be other items sold during Fitness Frenzy after lunch.

5/20-Early dismissal at 2:00 for Cabot High School Graduation

4th Grade Graduation will be on Monday, May 23rd at 9:00.

Graduation Festivities and Important Information

9:00-10:00-Graduation Ceremony in the cafeteria

Boys-We ask that boys were slacks or nice jeans. They also need to wear a shirt with a collar and the shirt needs to be tucked in. Dress shoes or nice tennis shoes.

Girls-We ask that girls were a dress or a nice capris/slacks outfit. Please make sure the dress meets the Stagecoach dress code with no spaghetti straps or there is a jacket to cover. Nice shoes or sandals.

10:00-11:00-Portfolio Party

After graduation, parents and visitors will be dismissed to go to the gym for the portfolio party. Students will be able to share their Author Fair and Arkansas projects with their family. They will also share some of their best writing/reading activities completed throughout the year and their favorite math strand, Science lab, and Social Studies project.

5/24-Early dismissal at 2:00

We will have jumpy houses and grilled hot dogs on Tuesday, May 24th. Students can bring a drink of their choice, and parents are invited to send chips, cookies, etc (Don't forget--it must be store bought!).

5/25-Early dismissal at 2:00

Math, Science, and Social Studies


This week we will complete our geometry module. We will be classifying quadrilaterals and identify attributes of different polygons. We will start the measurement module next week.

Social Studies- Students began research on their Arkansas project topic on Friday. Students are currently working on answering compelling questions about their topic gathered from their research. We will continue our research this week and begin working on our Google Slides presentations. Our goal is to be finished and ready to start presenting next week.

Reading, Writing, Vocab and Word Study

Word Study--All groups will test this Friday. We will also be doing some spot check assessments over high frequency words that students should know! Next week, we will focus on the correct spellings (and correct cursive) of the months of the year. If you'd like to get a head start, I'll be sending home a cursive practice sheet over the months today! 5th grade teachers expect names and dates to be in cursive starting day one!

Reading & Writing--We are celebrating our reading and writing this year as we reflect back over our work. We will be working on memory books, reading reflections, and writing letters to authors.

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