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Interview with The Woman That Changed the World

A late sunday afternoon kim Possible got the rare chance to interview world famous Jenna Fox, here is how it went.

K.P. - What was it like when you first woke up out of your coma?

J.F. - I couldnt control myself at first but when I regained control of my body I found I could do almost anything I could before the accident.

K.P. - What was it like when you leaned that you were bio gel?

J.F. - I was freaked out.

K.P. - What did you like about ethan?

J.F. - He was a good freind and he likes me!

K.P. - What do you want to change about your life?

J.F. - I would like to be a flesh and blood human and Kara and Locke to be alive.

K.P. - What was it like when you remembered the accident?

J.F. - I was scared at first and as it went on I wanted to forget it ever happened.

K.P. - When you threw the backups into the lake why did you think of it as 'freeing' your friends and nok killing?

J.F. - Because the environment was a bad place and they had died in the accident so they wouldnt die again.

K.P. - Were you scared when you learned allys was going to be biogel?

J.F. - I thought she would disagree at first but then realized i would have someone to share my time with.

K.P. - What was the best memory you can think of?

J.F. - When I bought the red skirt with Kara.

K.P. - What was the most rebellious thing you have ever done?

J.F. - Either the accident or when Kara, Locke and I skipped a seminar.



Ethan died of natural causes, during his life he did a crime of nearly killing a drug dealer who messed up his brother.


the same it was yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fseb lets down

During the last 150 years the FSEB has allowed human life to be considered as ten percent of your brain is the minimum, also they have made the bioengineering offices agree not to interfere by attempting to kill the lab created animals and plans now that they are a part of the environment. Killing or creating these organisms is punishible by death of all involved.