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Endrendrum Punnagai Story

Gkm Tamil Kumaran Production Productions Endrendrum smile, Tamil Kumaran and directed by Ahmad, a love story with a difference. Figure Jeeva, Trisha, Vinay, Santhanam, Andreah, Nasser, in TM Karthik, Abinay not fulfilled. Harris Jayaraj scores the music, cinematography by R. Madhie, and the editing endrendrum punnagai songs is Praveen KL Srikanth NB Actor Kamal to release audio was director Bala.

Yealae Yealae Dostu Da andEnnatha say - two of the six numbers on the album are written commitments.Yealae' hands down winner for sure. Sung by Krish and Naresh Iyer, Krishna Iyer rap song interestingly interspersed areas. Karthik, Jayalalithaa tsunami, Velmurugan, sung by Ramesh VinayakamEnnatha endrendrum punnagai songs say, is equally endrendrum punnagai songs good.

It's a sweet song sung by Hariharan and Shreya Ghoshal LotusEnai Saaithaalae' has been penned. Sea I Thaan,' written by the late Vaalee Sudha Raghunathan, Suzanne D' Mello and MK Sung by Balajee, is delightful. Other interesting numbers shown alap Karky written and sung by Harini mask everywhere you in bed, andOthayilae,' Kabilan endrendrum punnagai songs Bhargavi written and endrendrum punnagai songs sung by Abhay are Jodhpurkar.

What they say...Producer G.K.M. Tamil Kumaran : I've always had an interest in the production of films and Endrendrum my first smile. When director Ahmed Endrendrum story, I loved it. He liked the story of Dr V. Ramadoss to support this project.

Director I. Ahmed : I started out as a director teleserials years I directed over 60 short films. I worked as creative director at UTV and Radio City. Jai, Priya Anand film and casting Vaamanan was my first film. Endrendrum my second attempt. Movie-like friendship, love and touches on subjects such as the relationship between a father and son. Tamil Kumaran heard the story he was now eager to start the project. Jeeva in mind I wrote this text. The role of a certain level of maturity and endrendrum punnagai songs thought that I could pull the role of Jeeva easily. It was more like a script for a musical point of view, I was approached by Harris Jayaraj has done a fantastic job.

Endrendrum Punnagai Audio Release story

Hero Jeeva : Endrendrum an ad film maker and her friends smiling with a towel around the story of life. Advancing the story goes through a lot of changes that I have a great role to play engraved. Visitors will be able to easily keep in touch is something about it. I hope you did not do justice to the role.

Music director Harris Jayaraj : When director Ahmed Endrendrum approached me, I already had a lot on my plate as silent film films was declining. When he started the story, I Endrendrum is a musical ? " We want it to work when " I heard, that was absorbed, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ahmed. Filmgoers as much as endrendrum punnagai songs I enjoyed creating them I hope you enjoy endrendrum punnagai songs the tracks. We have endrendrum punnagai songs had enough of Rome -comEndrendrum smile love for entertainment is another addition to the list.

The story is about three friends Gautam ( Jeeva ), Sri Lanka ( Vinay ), and Sri Lanka, and decided to settle down in life.The Baby marriage.They always be together and enjoy their hate life.Everys Baby ( film ) goes well in the meantime can be divided into three friends Jeeva endrendrum punnagai songs Priya ( Trisha ) falls, we all know what happens next.

Jeeva, Santhanam, Vinay endrendrum punnagai songs combo enjoyable.They perfectly fit for their role in this film. Jeeva does not do justice to his role. Vinay Gautam comes to the father, Nasser guy.A special reference to the role fits into the sea. He is the perfect choice for this role.Jeeva and Trisha good chemistry. They come running out of the sky and afterwards as such does not have any of their endrendrum punnagai songs old movies.

Jeeva and Trisha 1 Jeeva and Trisha. Ahmed the story, screenplay and it is quite normal, but he enjoyable.Endrendrum smile in amusement and entertainment, but for the most part, it still feels draggy.The story was highly anticipated.