Live to be happy

Keigan Robison

Development of theme analysis

In the book freak the mighty freak is a good character that represents my title. In the book freak is born with a rare sickness that affects the body and makes him not grow. It is rare and no one lives with it for long. even though he knows he will most likely die he still is happy. He makes the most of his life. The Conflict is also important like the conflict at the end when freak dies he had lived with that his hole life and was still happy. Also max is sad at first and then he besides to live his life out and write a book. so this is how the characters and conflict influence the theme.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I like the theme it is good I think the author worked up to it good and gradually gained. I liked the book and he did good with it. It has many ways to revolve to us and relate. like how we need to start being happy to be us. And be us. we need to have fun and not be so un happy and down. we need to be happy and even when we are not in the best situation think of freak. So that is how it is revolves to us.

Visual Representations of theme

Freak the mighty Rodman Philbrick

In the book freak the mighty Max a huge kid with mental disability's becomes friends with freak a small kid with growing disability's. Together they face many challenges and go on lots of quests. They go to the hospital to see where freak is when he is not at home. They go on a quest to find a purse and that leads them to loreta lee. They also face the challenge of school but together they get through it. One day at school they were at lunch and freak ate to much and had to go to the hospital. one of max's biggest challenges is when freak died but eventually things went back to normal. so that is just some of what happens in FREAK THE MIGHTY.

Author Information