Wednesday Minis

September 14, 2016

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PRESIDENT Jen Mandelblatt

Hi everyone!

Huge thanks to our wonderful Ag ladies for a terrific conversation on Monday. Diversity Dinner next week (Monday at 5:30) will be on MGLC- what is MGLC, why it's important, and how we can grow our relationships with MGLC chapters. AKDPhi will be joining us for the dinner! Sign up here:

I know not everyone is available on Mondays at that time but is looking to attend so we are playing around with some other dates to throw in a Tuesday or Wednesday every so often.



VPM Maple Chen

submit names here for spring recruitment!!

continue to submit songs you like for rush!

RT workshop on sept 18 after chapter (nOT BEFORE I FORGOT TO CHANGE THAT) in the dining room at the house. this is MANDATORY for all members of PC16 - please email me (mc2225) an excuse before then if you cannot attend!

we will have MSS during chapter on sunday!

xoxo mape

VP ME Ruby Bafu

Bid Day is Sunday, September 25th from 5-7 PM. You are required to attend at least 1 New Member event, and one of the ways you can earn a new member point is by helping set up or clean up for Bid Day. We need about 8 people to help set up at 9 AM and 8 people to clean up at 7 PM. If you're interested, fill out one of the forms at the bottom! If we don't get enough people to sign up then we'll be sending an AOT group to help out instead, so just volunteer!

Set up:

Clean up:

If you want a little this semester, fill out a Potential Bigs Form:

Love y'all,


VP OPS Grace Winant

VP PR Imani Sanders

Photoshoot at the house this Saturday 12-2 for IWFM! Be there or be square.



Hey all! I have to cancel my lunch in letters this week bc I have a phone call with a potential employer. On the #jobgrind. Have lunch together anyway and send a pic to Katie and Imani! If you're feeling fun cc me on the email bc I like your faces.



VP CS Miranda Deane

I will be going over all the details of shamrock in chapter this week. If you are missing chapter please reach out to me so i can fill you in!

Shamrock is in 30 DAYS

VP STANDARDS Jacqueline Pecaro

If you want to see if you're still in the pool and who's sobering this weekend, I made a google doc! If your name is highlighted in green, then you're out of the pool. If you've already sobered and your name is not highlighted in green, please let me know and I'll fix it!

If you want to volunteer to be a sober monitor for date night, please email/text/Facebook message me and let me know!




Panhel Del Erin Powder

Appointed Officer Announcements

Sisterhood Chairs

Assassin sign ups are live:

Sign up by this Sunday! Rules and first targets will be sent out Monday.

May the odds be ever in your favor ;)

-Sam & Tess

Senior Club


Fill out this form about apples and cars:

The plan is to head straight to Indian Creek Farms on the West side of the lake right after chapter. Don't forget to bring money if you would like to buy apples, and perhaps a lunchy snack as well, we won't be providing anything, fyi. Its gonna be cool & fun & I can't wait!!


Lindsay & Marissa


Hi y'all!

You know what time it is???


Date night will be Friday, September 30th at 9pm!! It will be half at Plumtree and half at Miyake, so when signing up, please make note of which restaurant you are signing up for! Sushi will be provided courtesy of Kappa Delta, but this is not a dinner so please make sure to eat a full meal beforehand (plus drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea). If you want to sake bomb, you are responsible for buying that yourself! Signups are live for seniors, and juniors can sign up tomorrow at9 p.m., and sophomores Friday at 9 p.m. I will be watching, so no cheating.

Here is the sign up for Date Night:

Also, please fill out the below survey. We are trying to book a venue for formal and need to know how many girls will be on campus on November 19th, the Saturday before Thanksgiving break.

Have a great rest of your week and we can't wait to see all of your faces next Friday!!!!


-Kelly and Ashlyn <3

Consent Ed- Jenna Zitomer

Hey lovely, consensually seductive women of kappa delta. Free condoms all over campus are great, but sex shouldn't be a surprise you need to be prepared for at the last minute...

But hey! You know what are? Periods. And you know what's funny? The word taboo comes from the Polynesian word "tapua", meaning menstrual flow. So the very word that describes the unspeakable hails from a costly little thing that us ladies have been dealing with since the dawn of time, which leaves our wallets with $18,171 less dollars by the end of our lives than we would have had if we did not have to spend money on feminine products, whatever that even means.

Put free tampons and pads in every bathroom in campus, cause y'all know we need it.


Signature deadline is Friday. Sign on, kappa dudes.

Here's the link-->



Thurs: Sammy

Friday: Phi Tau

Saturday: Wrestling

Other Announcements

Hi Everyone! My name is Monica Calce, and I am currently the Fundraising chair of a new organization, Volunteers Around the World, a medical outreach club on campus. We are actively recruiting for people to go on a winter and summer service trips and for our general body.

Volunteers Around the World is a NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that provides aid to desolate areas throughout several countries around the world by improving their standard of living. Our medical outreach team selects undergraduate students to assist doctors abroad as well as teach the locals public health. It is very hands on! We are currently planning trips to Guatemala, Thailand, and Panama for winter, spring, and summer breaks. The winter and spring trips are nine days long and summer trips are two weeks (dates we get to pick!). I would love for you guys to apply or, if you are not sure you want to go on a trip, join general body as we will be doing local community service and medical outreach here. We hope to have a trip go to Peru this winter!

To apply, please visit our website: For general information about volunteers around the world, please visit: Of course, if you guys have questions or would like to meet with me, feel free to contact me via email – - or our Medical Outreach Team Leader, Nicole Alimena - Our first information session is this Monday, September 19th, 8:00PM GSH 142. We also will be on Ho Plaza this Friday giving out chipotle coupons!


Monica Calce