Mexico Flyer

sean porth

political map of mexico


Mexico has a verity of different things with in their culture. They have a mixture of two different cultures, indian and spanish. When spain came over they converted as much people as they could to Christianity. In Mexico they mainly speak spanish, but they do have one big thing from their indian background, day of the dead. This is when they celebrate their dead ancestors. These two cultures basically built mexico from the beginning.

Agriculture & Industry

Mexico exports lots of things but there are 2 things they they export a lot of, cars and oil. The have factories where they make and ensemble cars, there are many workers on the assembly line working for low pay. Oil is their main export and they are the #1 producer of oil in the world. Northern Mexico is the part of Mexico that has the most money, but southern Mexico produces the most oil.


Mexico is a mixture of 3 different climates, Tropical Savanna, Desert, and Steppe. Tropical savanna is the part(s) of Mexico that have higher latitude tropics. Obviously the desert part(s) are the places where there isn't much rain and it is essentially a barren waste land. The steppe part(s) of Mexico is the area bordering the deserts.


Two major landforms in mexico are the Rio Grande and the two mountains ranges, the Sierra Madre Oriental and Sierra Madre Occidental. The Rio Grande acts as the boarder between Mexico and Texas. The Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra Madre Occidental are two massive mountain ranges in Mexico and can sometimes effect the weather in the areas near them.